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Upcoming Campaigns

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New Campaign
Hennessy Carolina
Join our Hennessy Carolina (@HennessyCarolina) campaign and increase your followers by 12k-15k with the younger sister of Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B.

Live Date: October 17th, 2023

New Campaign
Tammy Hembrow
Join our Tammy Hembrow (@TammyHembrow) campaign and increase your following by 15k-25k with Australian fitness model and friend of Khloe Kardashian.

Live Date: October 24th, 2023

What Do We Do?

We create Instagram giveaway campaigns with the world’s most notable celebrities to grow your audience.

Do you have an important message, a great product, or an outstanding service you wish to share? 

With our Celebrity growth campaigns, we are able to help brands and businesses in all industries organically grow on Instagram. We partner with celebrities to leverage their millions of followers you may not otherwise reach or have access to.  

Partaking in our campaigns will increase traffic to your platform, create brand awareness, and most importantly expand your social media audience while converting engagement to revenue!

Why Growth Matters

Take a look at the benefits of working with us.

Increase Sales
With more eyes seeing you, sales will increase.
Increased Reach
Reach more people with every post you make.
Free Advertisment
Ad cost become cheaper when you already have your customers at reach.
Social Proof
Followers are a great way to tell a real account from an imposer (if not verified).

How It Works

1. Book Your Spot

Secure your spot on the campaign and you’re all set! We will email you 1-2 days before the campaign launches

2. We Follow You

We follow you from our Instagram brand, @ASRAStudio. This allows people to follow you on the campaign

3. Campaign Goes Live

The celebrity posts and directs there millions of followers to follow you and everyone else on the campaign

4. You Get Results

1000’s of new potential customers from a qualified and targeted audience follow you by entering the campaign


Still have some questions?

Here we’ve answered the most common questions we get from business owners.

Check them out and see if we can put your mind at ease:

Whether you are a entrepreneur, author, personal training or a fortune-500 company, this can work for you. 

This is for anyone looking to grow their social presence and extend their reach. 

No. All prizes are handled by our team. Once you have joined, you can sit back and watch the growth.

Our prices differ depending on the scale of the campaign. 

However, we do offer discounts for our early birds – usually available for our subscribers. 

Immediately once the campaign goes live you will begin to see your followers grow. 

Our celebrity campaigns typically run for five-days. 

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